Technical Req.

Tim Lee’s main requirements are mutual respect, professionalism and the desire to have a great time. We can work out everything else on a ‘per venue’ basis.

Backline Equipment

When it is necessary for the venue to provide backline equipment, the following items are required:

Guitar Amp – 40-60 watts, all tube, high quality. (Examples: Fender Bassman, Fender Vibroverb)
Bass Amp – 400 watts minimum, high quality, one 4X10″ and one 1X15″ speaker enclosure, high quality. (Examples: Fender Sunn, Ampeg, Eden)
Drum Kit – Five piece minimum, high quality. (Examples: Yamaha, Mapex, Tama)

Other items will be required if the show is to include piano/B3, harmonica and/or a second guitar. These details can be worked out at time of booking.

Stage Plot

Downloadable and printable stage plots coming soon.

Until then, please email for info. –